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Equine & Canine Veterinary Physiotherapist and Human Sports Therapist

Meersbrook Therapy is owned and managed by Lisa Bartley, a fully qualified and insured Equine and Canine  Physiotherapist, Equine Specialist Rehabilitation Practitioner and Human Sports Massage therapist. 

Working alongside your vet and other professionals, Meersbrook Therapy offers Veterinary Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Therapy services throughout the Midlands. From the comfort of your own yard and home, or visit Meersbrook Therapy HQ for top class services, utilising a range of manual techniques, prescription exercises and electrophysical agents.

Equine Rehabilitation is also available for horses at Lisa's peaceful yard in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. The yard is well equipped for horses that have been diagnosed with laminitis or equine metabolic syndrome and are required to have box rest or are ready to start controlled exercise.  Horses that are recovering from injury and post-surgery also benefit from planned, individual rehabilitation. With separate stabling all lined with rubber matting, small and safe turnout paddocks, an arena and a fenced exercise strip, Lisa lives on site and is perfectly equipped to help your horse on their recovery.

Looking at the whole picture, Meersbrook Therapy also offers sports massage for riders and rider assessments. Sports massage appointments are also offered to non riders and the current clientele range from office workers, sports people and those that are retired.


• Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy • 
Rehabilitation Livery
Laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome Rehabilitation 

From treating competition horses through to happy hackers and retired golden oldies, Meersbrook Therapy takes pride in each horse that is treated, be it through maintenance or due to an injury.  


• Human Sports Massage Therapy • 

• Kinesiology Taping •

Treating both riders and non-riders, sports massage is a great treatment option for general maintenance or to help relieve a condition and restore normal function and movement. Sports Massage is not just for those that participate in sport.



• Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy •

• Canine Massage •

• Canine Rehabilitation • 


Canine Physiotherapy is fast becoming an additional option for a range of injuries and conditions, such as osteoarthritis, cruciate disease and Intervertebral disc disease, to name a few. 


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